Mosquito Season is Here!


Well it’s that season again….no I don’t mean Spring, I’m talking about mosquito season. I know this because they just love me and I’m one of the first people they visit when the warm weather arrives. Last night as we tromped around the woods DFH said he could see swarms following me. That sweet (and intelligent) man decided to keep his distance from his mosquito magnet of a wife.
I usually swell up something fierce and can’t seem to stop scratching to save my life. Over the years I’ve heard of just about every home remedy under the sun, including mouthwash, onions, mud, baking soda, vinegar, spit, tobacco, perfume, soap, bleach, hot tea bags, salt paste and too many more to list.
I thought I’d share what personally works best for me.

In order of preference

1) peppermint oil
2) toothpaste (paste, not gel)
3) tea tree oil
4) dampen an aspirin and rub it on the spot
5) plantain and calendula salve


What have you found that works?


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