I love to eat eggrolls. Let’s face it it’s deliciousness, gift wrapped, what’s not to love!!! Yummy seasoned veggies and meat wrapped up in a crispy, crunchy packet of goodness. It’s easy to eat and wrapped to travel, the ultimate convenience food.  I grew up in an Asian family and I’ve learned that eggroll recipes are as varied as chicken soup recipes, no two are exactly the same.

Okay, my standard go-to recipe for eggroll filling is simply a ground meat (you chose, beef, chicken, turkey or ??), shredded cabbage (you can shred it yourself or buy the bag of shredded coleslaw mix), shredded carrots, finely diced onions and bean sprouts.

I cook this mix seasoned with some oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic and whatever else sounds good. Then drain off any juice and let it cool.

These are the wrapper skins I use.

Use a bowl with a little water to seal the edge. After you’ve wrapped up the roll, dip a finger in the water and just apply a light layer of water on the edge of the exposed wrapper skin to help it stick closed.  The water with the starch kind of acts like glue to help it stay shut. Just don’t use too much water or it just makes a soggy mess.

After you’ve wrapped your eggrolls it’s time to fry them. Just remember, don’t add too many into the pan at once, they need room to cook evenly. The oil should be hot enough for them to fry fairly quickly but shouldn’t be so hot the oil is ‘popping’.  I usually cook mine for about 5 minutes on each side. *If your eggrolls come out kind of greasy, the oil wasn’t hot enough and the eggrolls absorbed the oil, turn up the heat a little.

Remember you can wrap whatever you want in an eggroll. I’ve used left over roast and steak. I’ve seen people use apple pie filling for dessert eggrolls . ** My new favorite is cream cheese seafood eggrolls. This masterpiece is truly like baby angels dancing on your taste buds. I simply take some room temperature softened cream cheese, a hefty tablespoon of crab paste (found at the Asian market), 3 Tbsp diced green onion, 1 Tbsp dried parsley  and seafood (crab, shrimp, etc… ). *Make sure your seafood is drained well so your eggrolls don’t get soggy. Mix well, wrap and fry. SOOOO YUMMY!