Our First Contest!

Okay I promised you a contest and I’ve been thinking hard about what it should be. I want it to be simple, fun and….well mostly I want it to entertain me. 🙂  I think I’ve got it, how about ……A RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS CONTEST?


~I consider every act of kindness as a gift and I think we should be generous gift givers~

Unfortunately in our fast paced world, people get busy and tend to forget about kindness.  Yesterday I was in the grocery store and a woman picking tomatoes in the produce section had 4 or 5 tomatoes roll off the display and land on the floor. She glanced at them and then walked away. Several other people swung their carts around the tomatoes on the floor to avoid smooshing them….but no one picked them up. Then as I went to get in line to check out another person arrived around the same time I did at the end of the line. I waved them in front of me and smiled. She snarled…literally! She might have even growled a little. Seriously?? Who growls at people??

Random acts of kindness are important! They matter to the person who receives the kindness (even if they never know what you’ve done), to the community and to yourself. I want to do my little part to encourage random acts of kindness, however big or small. Besides reading about acts of kindness make me happy so reading about a bunch of them will make me SUPER HAPPY.

So here’s the contest:


A collection of pampering items including Fable Farms soaps, fizzing bath bombs, solid perfume pot and a microwavable heat pack for all those sore muscles. (valued at $25)

To enter:

1)      “like” us on Facebook.

2)      Leave a comment below under this blog  describing a random act of kindness you’ve witnessed, received or participated in this month. If you prefer to keep your action anonymous, that’s fine too, no details are needed just write that you have completed an act of kindness. I trust ya 😉


Only one entry per person. Contest runs till February 7th 2013. The winner will be selected by random drawing and will be posted on the Fable Farms Facebook page. The winner will have 48 hours after I post their name to message me their shipping information. If the winner doesn’t contact me before 48 hours a new winner will be selected.