Our First Contest!

Okay I promised you a contest and I’ve been thinking hard about what it should be. I want it to be simple, fun and….well mostly I want it to entertain me. 🙂  I think I’ve got it, how about ……A RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS CONTEST?


~I consider every act of kindness as a gift and I think we should be generous gift givers~

Unfortunately in our fast paced world, people get busy and tend to forget about kindness.  Yesterday I was in the grocery store and a woman picking tomatoes in the produce section had 4 or 5 tomatoes roll off the display and land on the floor. She glanced at them and then walked away. Several other people swung their carts around the tomatoes on the floor to avoid smooshing them….but no one picked them up. Then as I went to get in line to check out another person arrived around the same time I did at the end of the line. I waved them in front of me and smiled. She snarled…literally! She might have even growled a little. Seriously?? Who growls at people??

Random acts of kindness are important! They matter to the person who receives the kindness (even if they never know what you’ve done), to the community and to yourself. I want to do my little part to encourage random acts of kindness, however big or small. Besides reading about acts of kindness make me happy so reading about a bunch of them will make me SUPER HAPPY.

So here’s the contest:


A collection of pampering items including Fable Farms soaps, fizzing bath bombs, solid perfume pot and a microwavable heat pack for all those sore muscles. (valued at $25)

To enter:

1)      “like” us on Facebook.

2)      Leave a comment below under this blog  describing a random act of kindness you’ve witnessed, received or participated in this month. If you prefer to keep your action anonymous, that’s fine too, no details are needed just write that you have completed an act of kindness. I trust ya 😉


Only one entry per person. Contest runs till February 7th 2013. The winner will be selected by random drawing and will be posted on the Fable Farms Facebook page. The winner will have 48 hours after I post their name to message me their shipping information. If the winner doesn’t contact me before 48 hours a new winner will be selected.


19 thoughts on “Our First Contest!

  1. In the warmer months of the year when our chicken flock (30+ birds) is laying a bonanza of free-range eggs, we give them to anyone who needs them. Not really random because we’ve been doing it for years, but I figure that if God blesses us with the bounty, we are duty-bound to share it. I love being able to share. Seeing the gratitude and joy on the faces of the recipients is uplifting and confirming that it’s the right thing to do.


  2. I guess it wouldn’t be random since I do it so often, but an elderly lady lives below our apartment. We live in an apartment house in the country. Every week she leaves her trash and recycling bin on the front porch to take out in the morning. I take it out before she can. And in winter, like now, I shovel the walks and out to her bird feeders (she has four lol) and around them so she can get to them to fill and so the birds can get to the seed on the ground. I’ve never told her it was me and the funny thing is I saw this contest late last night and saved the page so I could enter it this morning. Well she saw me through the window this morning shoveling and waved enthusiastically and had a big smile. She caught me as I was going in, thanked me and told me the neighbor across the hall had been taking credit for it. LOL! It doesn’t matter, didn’t do it for the thank you. Oh and in the summer we give her eggplant, pumpkins ect, things she doesn’t grow in her garden. I watch my nephew for my sister for free, she’s a single mom of a three year old and 14 year old poor lady. OH and before I had kids I used to take my girlfriends with children out for the night or out to lunch when they couldn’t afford it just because they needed the break. Don’t go out much now lol. That’s all I can think of. Thanks for the contest, I’m fairly new to your page and am an aspiring homesteader.


  3. I work where no matter what u do its wrong
    so when I deal with customers I always say
    oh u look wonderful have u lost weight did u
    get married etc. I feel better also


  4. There was a young couple with a baby in front of me at the grocery store. It was obvious they were trying to get the best food they could on a limited amount of money. They were a little short and started taking things out. I just quietly handed the checker the money they needed. She gave me the funniest look. The young lady had tears in her eyes and said are you sure. I said yes and told her I knew what it was like and not to worry that things would get better. She hugged me and thanked me and they left. I think I got the best part of the deal.


  5. I am always opening doors for mom’s with children, the elderly, or whoever is behind me. I pay a young girl to care for our chickens when her Grandpa would do it for free. I give away eggs & canned goods to show appreciation for someone me a chance to show off my wares. But the greatest RAK, I saw was checking out at a grocery self-checkout. This older woman was scanning her items, & trying to keep up with the bagging when the conveyor belt got backed up. A teenage girl was bagging groceries in the next lane as her mom ran them through. She stopped & started bagging the older woman’s groceries. I told her it was the sweetest thing I’d seen in a long time. Put a smile on my face.


  6. Last winter I was out on my lunch break trying to get some last minuet shopping in. I stopped at at strip mall and noticed a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk between stores. He wasn’t asking for money and he wasn’t intoxicated…just sitting. I went to the store I was visiting and about 20 minuets later exited to find him sitting there still. I noticed he didn’t have many belongings and for being winter he had no blankets or sleeping bag. Being that I work in the helping field I asked him if he was familiar with the shelters and knew of a place to get warm. He simply responded that he did and then asked if I knew a place for him to get a sleeping bag. I rattled off the various places and bid him a good day. As I was driving away I had a overwhelming feeling that is hard to explain. Down the street was a goodwill and as I passed I was flooded with a desire to buy this man a warm sleeping bag. I went in and searched the bedding area and was not able to locate a sleeping bag. I was disappointed and feeling defeated on my way to the front of the store when I spotted the beautiful green Mummy Bag!!! It was perfect. The tag read $10 but when the clerk rang it up it was $3. I was so excited to take it to the homeless man and jumped in my car. When I arrived at the strip mall he was no where to be found. I was deflated and began to wonder where he could have gone…which direction. I drove up the road a ways and back down past the strip mall and could not find him. Thinking he was long gone I started my way to work. I was about to turn when out of the corner of my eye I saw him. I was able to give him his sleeping bag. He was so surprised and full of gratitude. He hugged me and began to cry. At that moment I realized that its the small things I take for granted that mean the world to others. Random acts of kindness, paying it forward, however you want to look at it…It changes things, in you and the ones that receive it.


  7. In December we went to a local eatery for breakfast. We were waiting for a table to be cleared for about five minutes and then an elderly couple came in. A table cleared but I looked at them and asked if they would like to take the table. They said yes and thanked me. After we had finished eating the waitress came over and said someone paid for your meals. We were shocked but our hearts swelled. They had already left so we couldn’t thank them. So we did the next best thing and paid for someone else’s tab. I heard later that it just kept happening all day after that. Makes me smile when I think about it. 🙂


  8. I am disabled and use a mobility cart when grocery shopping. I was at a market which required the purchaser to bag their own groceries. After I completed the check out, this sweet elderly gentleman insisted on bagging my groceries for me. As it was a very painful day for me, I couldn’t begin to thank him enough.


  9. Random act of kindness – I have three kids, ages 5 and under. For the most part, the kids act great in public, but things can get kind of hairy when I’m trying to get all three in and out of the car. As we were getting out one day, my 5 year old flung the car door open and it whacked a guy’s car in the next parking spot. The owner of the car came out of a store pretty ticked, he looked very angry and was yelling, asking if we’d hit his car. I apologized and admitted that yes, my door had hit his (as I was also scolding the 5 year old for not waiting on me to get out of the car). Suddenly, the guy seemed to soften. He asked if there was any scratches or dents in the door, there was none that I could see of, but I offered him my information in case he found one later. He shook his head, said he’d take my word for it and not to worry, that it was an accident and not worth getting worked up over. I really couldn’t believe that this guy was going to just drop it after he originally came out so angry. I was very thankful that he was so understanding about the whole thing, it could have been a hairy situation, trying to get things worked out with three small (hungry!) kids in tow. It saved me time and frustration that day, not to mention it also saved us a bill!


  10. I love this idea for a contest and drawing! I recently bought a half a hog and gave meat two three elderly people that are on a fixed income. Last year I bought a whole hog so I would have plenty to help those in need because myself and my son cannot eat that much meat. I wanted to be able to have it handy in the freezer when I see a need.


  11. one day i was having lunch in a cafe and there was a gentleman with alzatimers having lunch also and he couldnt find enough money for his meal so i offered to pick up the tab. My heart goes out to people with medical problems like that.


  12. I am not trying to brag myself up just like to help people. I work for a man 79 yrs.old who’s Son. lives in China and the other night he choked on a peice of brownie and fell to the floor and I ran and rolled him over and shook him until he responded and then got him to spit it out, so guess you could say I safed his Life which I felt good that I could was there to help him when nobody else was there to help him. His Son hasn’t seen him in 4 yrs. so am glad I was there or we don’t know what would of happened with him.


  13. One that I witnessed this last weekend: upon entering a local donut shop, Adam and I noticed an elderly homeless woman who we often see in the area. An older couple who were eating in the shop walked over to her and let her pick out a donut from the display, on them. The lady was excited and it was really sweet. It made me and Adam both smile. We both thought we should take this as a cue to do more nice things in life for others.


  14. I try to do at least one RAK a day, if not more. Let someone go in front of me at the store, pay for the person behind me at the drive through, leave a book I loved in a waiting room, share extra groceries/ toiletries/ clothes with others. I firmly believe the good you do comes back to you! Last weekend a relative gave me a bag of clothes that were perfect for my son right now, that made my day!


  15. I love doing random acts of kindness I am crafty and bring them with me where I go. It is fun to just hand someone a candle, a pair of earrings, jewelery or other handmade creation and tell them they are loved. Smiling is so important and kids now a days don’t seem to have anything that makes them really happy. Be kind to one another and let love shine in and through you. May God Bless you with grace, peace, light, and love always.


  16. A couple of weeks ago thid lady wss coming from Fred Meyer towards the parking lot as I was going in. She was driving one of this little electric carts. As she was going down the ramp she got stucked. I started helping her get unstucked and thanks God another guy came to help and between the both of us we lifted the cart and set her free. Daisy


  17. New Years Day I was in the emergency room waiting room. There were a lot of people and most of them were waiting for hours, but everyone was very nice and when they would call someone’s name who had stepped out someone would go and get them, rather than let them be skipped. I was surprised with how long people had been there that they were still helpful.


  18. Random act – rescue / adopting both a pony and a pittbull mix from shelters right before Christmas – because it was the right thing to do!


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