The Winter List

We are finally putting the holidays to rest and we are entering into the slow season on the farm. I say that tongue in cheek, since there really is no such time on a farm. We still have chores to do and projects to complete and spring is just a hop, skip and jump away. But, before the seedlings get planted, the buck house built and definitely before kidding season commences we have a slight lull in our demands. Most sane people would take the 4-5 weeks and rest, recuperate and participate in a little pampering of themselves. Of course I never claimed to be sane…..

During this slow time I jump full speed into my winter list. What winter list you ask? The list I put together the whole rest of the year on things that I would really like to learn. Hobbies and learning more homesteading skills is an addiction to me but, unfortunately on a farm there usually isn’t time to pursue them. Last year’s list included basket weaving, making braided rugs and quilting. I did manage to take a basket weaving class and make a few quilts but I ran out of year before I got to the braided rugs.

This year I still want to learn to make braided rugs, I’m looking into glass working and I want to prepare to go hunting in the fall for the first time. Of course this year’s winter list is a bit more challenging since we have decided to curb all unnecessary spending in the month of January, but that will just force me to be a bit more creative in my endeavors.

Let’s see, no money and 4-5 weeks to learn 3 new skills? No problem right? 😉 What’s on your winter list?


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