Our Barn Fundraiser

We have spent years searching for our little piece of Heaven. A piece of land to call our own and pursue our homesteading dream. Land that is affordable and useable isn’t easy to come by in our area and we literally spent EVERY Saturday for over two years hunting the elusive farm spot. Once we found the property, it was another 9 months battle to buy it and that was just the beginning of an even bigger challenge to restore this neglected and forgotten farm.  Chasing our dream of bringing this farm back to its former glory has been a labor of blood, sweat and tears (LOTS of each). We often get asked by people how they can help support our dream and I’m usually stumped….. until now.

A few months ago I came up with an idea, a way to record the progress of our dream annually and to share it with you all. I’ve created a collection of my favorite pictures for a 2015 Calendar and I’ve also compiled a collection of recipes, tips and pictures into a Homestead Helper book. This year’s goal is to give the old barn new life. All proceeds from these projects will go directly into this year’s farm project. The link will take you to both items for sale.


So for those of you who want to know how you can help support our dream….there are a couple of ways:

Go to the link and
1) Purchase a 2015 Homestead Helper, or
2) Purchase a 2015 Fable Farms calendar, or
3) If you can’t purchase one of these but would like to support our dream, please share this blog with your friends.

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