September Updates from the Farm

I always say that time seems to speed up around the fall. There’s so much to get done, projects that have to be completed before the rainy season hits and of course a garden to harvest, preserve and put to bed and let’s not forget firewood to be cut. But then I also say this during the holiday season……and during the craziness spring planting and kidding time……..and naturally summer is just a blur… basically life is rushing by in high gear and I’m just hanging barely hanging on. All this to say that I’m a bit behind in writing about our updates.

Last week we added some new members to our farm. It’s been a while since added to the flock. The picture is from the last time we brought home these little guys. Murphy was just fascinated!!

With the drought our farm pond has been at an all time low and as a result we now have a resident heron who likes to hang out and snack on the fish. We’ve named him Big Bird. He’s getting quite large and very healthy looking from his regular meals. In fact if he yellow instead of gray he would truly resemble Big Bird, hence his name. Murphy chases him off every chance he gets and it can be quite startling to be working outside and suddenly have a large pissed off, pterodactyl-looking beast fly by. It keeps things interesting around here.

In other news the goats broke their feeder. We knew it would happen soon since they also use it as a scratching post and I’m only grateful that I found it when I did. We happened to be hanging out in the goat pasture after feeding time and I noticed that Karma had her head buried in the feeder and was making some odd noises. This really isn’t that unusual, since she makes odd noises when she’s eating all the time (she’s an enthusiastic eater and I can totally relate to that. It’s why she’s one of my favorites). Anyway, when I went to pet her I noticed that her break-away collar was caught on one of the metal bars and she was stuck. Good and stuck! I tried to support her body weight, keeping her from fighting and hanging herself and Hubs came running to apply some brute force to the bars. We finally got her free. Guess what on the list to be fixed today?

Other than working to finish our summer projects, including the front pasture fencing and working on the hay storage area and dealing with those unexpected projects that keep popping up we’re settling into the fall routine. This consists of working in the garden until we’re exhausted and just can’t stand it anymore…..then we move to cutting wood for a change of pace. it’s a good life.


What’s in a Name

weaners 081015 EDITMany times over the years people have asked me how I decided on the name of our farm. I usually just give a short version of the truth or a flippant answer because I don’t know how to answer without sounding totally ‘woo-woo’. But it’s a fair questions so here’s the raw truth. *Feel free to tell me if I’ve crossed over into the world of ‘woo-woo’. During the course of my life I’ve searched for something. I’m not sure what to call it. Some people call it enlightenment, or purpose or wisdom. Personally, I call it the peace that comes with finding your true self. Whatever you call it, I’ve been looking for it. Over the years I’ve found bits and pieces of it, more in some places than others. It’s been a slow journey but a constant one.

 Places where I’ve been most successful at finding myself include, grueling work- when I am physically exhausted my mind is free from the noise of stress and worry and I find quiet. It’s during this quiet that I learn what inner peace and satisfaction feel like; when I’m doing what I love, like farming, there is a sense of gratification and contentment that fills me; and when I am around my animals and nature, I find myself learning from them, bringing me the wisdom that I’m searching for.

People farm for a variety of reasons, maybe it’s to become self-sufficient, provide themselves with food or to give their family a different lifestyle. I farm because it helps me grow as a person. It allows me to have the lifestyle I love and at the same time that it feeds me physically, it feeds my soul as well.




noun: fable; plural noun: fables

  1. a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral.

synonyms: moral tale, tale, parable, allegory

 As a kid I loved fables. They were short stories with animals as characters that taught a value or moral. They were my favorite types of stories. So what does all this have to do with our farm name? The name of my farm describes my journey and our animals’ place in this search. We care for our animals to the best of our abilities and in return we get to learn from them. To be clear, we are a farm, not an animal sanctuary or refuge. But those hard decisions teach us too, along with the joys and fun there is heart wrenching loss and tons of exhausting work . When we moved to a farm I was able to start living my very own fable, one where the animals teach me about life and myself every day. It’s a pretty good life.