October – Ramblings from the farm

dom headshotI rarely nap. I figure I have too much living to do during my short time on this hunk of dirt and I’m not spending any more than necessary with my eyes closed. Literally closed that is.  I have no problems going through life with proverbial blinders on. In fact, it can make many parts of life much more tolerable. But, I digress….

If you do happen to catch me napping you can bet on three things. The first would be that I’m sick and the second would be that I’m sacked out on the couch. I can’t abide staying in bed all day, even when I’m sick. In fact, I can recall times when I crawled from the bed to the couch just to make sure I didn’t languish in the bed all day. Yes, crawled. I dislike staying in bed that much. Granted, I had vertigo and pretty much crawled everywhere because standing was just way too difficult, but I’m pretty sure I would have crawled anyway if it was the only way to escape being stuck in the bed.

The third thing you can count on is that my dogs will be splayed out all over me. I truly think they know when their loved ones aren’t feeling well and do their best to comfort us with their presence. At least, that’s what I like to think. The alternative is that with their keen animals intuition they can sense my weakened state and trying to increase their status in the pack by taking out the alpha (me) through squashing. Hey, if you had met my dogs you would know it is a viable theory.

The good news is that I have survived all squashing attempts and am still around to tell you that we have finally finished the second annual farm calendar. It took a while to make photo selections and get our proof back but it’s FINALLY HERE!

If case you didn’t see our calendar sale last year let me tell you about it. I share tons of pictures (and stories) on our Facebook page (Find us here: Fablefarms) and we chose our favorite from the year to share in the calendar. All proceeds of the calendar sales go to helping us get this small farm up and running. If you’d like to check out our 2016 calendar click here.

Thanks to our friends on Facebook for sticking with us and also to those that help support our farm dream.

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