Fall tomato harvest

We’re running behind, as usual, in the fall clearing out of the garden. The other day I finally set aside some time and got myself down to the garden to get some work done. The goal was the pick the rest of the tomatoes that were still good and pull the plants out. After several hours of hard work, and when I was almost done with the job, hubs showed up. (Note: He has impeccable timing like that.)  He asked how the work was going and I had to share my adventures in the garden.

Me: “Well, it was going okay until a rabid rat attacked my boot.”

Hubs: “WHAT??”

Me: “I was picking tomatoes when this fuzzy beast jumped out of the bushy tomato plants and ran over to attack my boot.”

Hubs: “you’re kidding!!?”

Me: “Okay, so it might have actually been a fuzzy, rotten tomato, that FELL out of the plants and ROLLED over to my boot…. but it totally could have happened the other way.”

Hubs: <walking away, shaking his head>

You have to admit things are much more colorful in my world. 🙂

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