Ramblings from the farm


After a very trying day on the farm Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were blessedly quiet and uneventful. Little did I know the animals were just resting up for Friday.

It started when I came home to a screaming goat. This automatically puts me on alert. My goats like to talk to me when I get home but they usually don’t yell. I changed clothes and rushed outside. Sure enough, Miss Vessie had once again caught her head in the fence. She’s one of my favorites so instead of my usual 3 strikes rule, I was letting it slide a bit. But alas no more. Its time to break out the bar of shame.

The first time she caught her horns in the fence it was daylight and I found her soon. It was a struggle to free her but after no small amount arguing, sweet talking and brute force in trying to manipulate a squirming goat into some strange yoga like position, I was able to free her. The next two incidents happened at night. What she was looking for outside the fence in the dead of the night is a mystery to me. Thankfully Hubs woke up to her yelling and went out to free her. Today was incident #4. On a positive note she’s getting better at letting me do goat yoga to free her horns. I guess we will have to put the bar across her horns to keep her from getting stuck again.

I finished the rest of the chores and even transplanted some kale to the year round garden, cut the latest batch of soap and washed eggs to take to town tomorrow. I was feeling quite proud of myself for getting so much done and was so busy patting myself on the back I barely noticed the leafy looking thing that was in the empty egg carton. I went to brush it aside, when it crawled onto my hand!!! HOLY BLAZES BATMAN it was a yellow jacket!! I’ll apologize now because I’m pretty sure my screams broke glassware at the other end of the continent. I did manage to squash him (all the while yelling, DIE, DIE, DIE! because he needed that verbal encouragement doncha know.) without getting stung which is always a plus.

As for the rest of the evening, well I had planned on getting myself cleaned up before Hubs flies home tonight. However, I forgot to take my allergy medicine this morning. If you’ve been following my Facebook posts you know that I discovered I’m allergic to this batch of hay and was having horrible reactions. I decided to start taking allergy meds and on Wednesday and Thursday feeding was totally uneventful. Of course on the day Hubs is coming back from a business trip, and when I wanted to look nice, is the day I forgot to my medicine. I’m really not sure I can rock a sultry, sexy look with swollen red eyes, large raised red welts all over my face and a nose that’s running like a faucet. I guess I’ll aim a bit lower and just try not to scare the poor guy. How’s that for an fancy and footloose Friday night?


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