Ramblings, dogs and house cleaning:

murphy looking up EDIT

We discovered when Murphy was just a pup that he hates the vacuum. He absolutely goes nuts, barking and attacking the darn thing. In fact, he enjoys attacking the hose attachment so much it now resembles  a well-loved chew toy. I never gave it too much thought. After all I know a lot of dogs don’t like the loud noise of the vacuum, and between the annoying noise and the odd dance their human does with the machine….well, I can see where it would be a bit concerning from their point of view.

However, yesterday I was ironing. Yes, ironing. I know it’s such a rare event that Hell might have frozen over. (Minor rant:  when you decide you want to learn to sew here’s a little nugget of info no one tells you, it involves ironing! Who knew??? Certainly not me! Not only do you have to iron the finished product, you have to iron the material after you wash it at the very beginning of the project AND again iron at the seams as you are attaching quilting pieces. Basically it’s a giant, freaking ironing fest! As someone who last ironed when my daughter was 3 years old (more than 20 years ago) this knowledge would have seriously impacted my choice to learn to sew had I only knew. ) Anyway, I digress, I was ironing and Murphy went nuts, barking and howling at the iron and the ironing board. It was then that it dawned on me. He didn’t specifically hate the vacuum, he hated the process of cleaning the house or doing indoor chores in general. I can so totally relate to this!! In fact I believe this knowledge has brought Murphy and I even closer together. We’ve bonded over our shared dislike of house cleaning.  It was rather beautiful, kind of like one of those Hallmark moments.

Wait, I told myself that this year I was going to try to include something useful in my blogs and not just ramble on endlessly…. hmmm….Ok, hold on to your hats, here it is, don’t clean the house, it’ll stress out your dogs. Don’t have dogs? Well, this is the perfect reason to get one. You’re welcome.


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