Ramblings from the Pasture

The weather is slowly starting to warm up and dry out, meaning that spring might actually be just around the corner. Soon the days will be long and warm and we’ll all be outside working like fiends trying to get all of our projects done before winter comes to visit once again.

Knowing that these work days are coming I figure now would be a perfect time to share some tips for working in the pasture, because we all know that I like to share some educational posts. Mostly these are prime examples of what NOT to do, but whatever.

celeste sample cropped 1015


1) First and foremost, it is imperative that you keep in mind that the pasture is basically your animals bathroom. This means that there will be poop……all over the place and especially where you least expect it.

2) Working in a pasture, it’s really important that you watch where you step. Manure is usually wet and  slick (as well as, being smelly and generally disgusting). So and in addition to the lasting damage to your ego, it can also cause damage to your body if you slip and fall.  Also, for goodness sakes, look around before you sit down out there.  Nothing worse than spending the rest of the day wearing skid marks on your britches.

3) Remember that poop comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. Some of it may even be difficult to see, practically invisible. But don’t let it fool ya. For instance, don’t think that just because you don’t see any poop you can grab that log and toss it over your shoulder to carry out of there. More than likely you’ll find people (and animals) giving you wide berth and odd looks and eventually you’ll probably figure out it’s because when you toss that log onto your shoulder you splattered poop onto the side of your head and then proceeded to smear it in your hair. If you’re a fan of  the movie “There’s Something About Mary,” I’ll just get to the point and tell you, manure does not make a good hair gel either, just in case you were curious.

4) Last, but certainly not least, while working in the pasture, do not lick your lips……..EVER. Just trust me on this one.


3 thoughts on “Ramblings from the Pasture

  1. Love the Moon spots on that girl! We’ve been in the process of pasture clean up ourselves. Right now, we have several of our own girls about to kid out in the next few weeks. I am so excited about having babies again. They are so much fun and it’s so nice to have does back in milk once that happens.


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