Apples, apples, apples everywhere


It’s apple time here on the farm. It’s one of my favorite fruits to process because the options are endless. And let’s face it apples are easier to pick than the plums. The plums are more delicate requiring some care in gathering them and the tree has inch long, very painful thorns (AKA plum weapons of warfare). I prefer my fruit not to fight back.


I gathered the first batch of apples as thoughts of sauce, pies and dried chips dance through my head. The dogs even enjoy apple harvesting since they gather up the rejects to snack on. I don’t let them do that with the plums for obvious reasons which have to do with liking my carpet the color it is.

After the fiasco picking plums a few years ago I made it a rule that I wouldn’t climb the trees anymore. For those that don’t remember I hit my head on a branch and then lost my footing and jump/fell out of the tree landing wrong which caused me to hobble around for a month or so as I healed. The lesson learned was that apparently I’m past the tree climbing phase of my life.  Today, however I broke that rule, because what else are rules for if not for breaking? I may no longer be as nimble as a monkey but I’m happy to report that both woman and tree survived. Although I’ve discovered a weird tendency for people to phone me as soon as I’m up a tree. Seriously, as soon as I get up about 10+ feet in the air my phone starts ringing ….. I think Mother Nature is testing my focus.


Now the kitchen works begins. The first batch of apple slices that have been heavily seasoned with cinnamon and are in the dehydrator. Now to start some apple sauce and maybe some pie filling. *THIS* is when I start really feeling like fall is coming.