Spring Spiders

I saw an article about how there are billions of spiders that literally surround us and we never even know they are there and it gave me a serious case of the creepy crawlies. Now you all know I am a fan of spiders. They do some amazing and very necessary work in our world, however I appreciate them best from afar. It doesn’t always work that way, but it’s my preference.

It seems to be the season that all the creepy crawlies are coming out in abundance. The other night I was in a deep sleep when I felt something tickle my shoulder. I twitched my arm in my lazy, sleep drunken attempt to abate the itch. It worked…kinda. From what I can piece together after the fact, the ‘tickle’ must have been a spider. My twitch either launched him through the air or he was of the jumping variety, either way he ended up landing on my forearm and scurry along my arm toward my hand. I was still in my sleep stupor but some very definite warning bells were going off in the background of my dream world. With my eyes still closed, I reached out and slapped my wrist and then reached up to turn on the light.

When my eyes adjusted, I found the large, squashed body of a spider on my wrist. I was impressed at my mad spider assassin talents (in my sleep) and my ninja like moves (also in my sleep) that enabled me to locate and dispatch the 8 legged intruder with my eyes closed. I was also equally repulse to find a spider wandering over my body like an enthusiastic lost explorer while I slept. I wanted to wake up Hubs and brag but then I realized that when your sleep skills exceed your skills when your awake it may not be something to brag about so I shared it with you all instead. Now you all can be repulsed and impressed too. 😉